Agricultural Drones
High Technology R&D Team
JEAIR now has a highly qualified team of experienced and skilled UAV R&D personnel with senior engineers and strengthened technology R&D and continuous innovation.
Focus On Process Control
JEAIR formulates strict production process and process, guarantees stable production speed, equips senior technical personnel, carries out functional testing of all assembled products with skillful techniques, and each process must undergo electronic testing and manual screening to ensure high-quality production.
Logistics Guarantee
We use advanced logistics management system, green logistics standards, focusing on packaging materials and design. Each finished product and accessories are inspected before shipment, and can be shipped after passing.
Quality Services
JEAIR sales network throughout the world, we have a professional sales team, perfect after-sales service, for customer feedback, timely product upgrading and improvement.
Advantage of UAV
JEAIR Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2009, is a high-tech manufactory specializing in research and develop of aviation equipments and aircraft control systems; produces, sells and serves for agricultural UAV and industrial UAV. JEAIR has obtained a number of utility patents and invention patents in this field. It has a batch of professional personnel working in UAV ......
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