JEAIR-M620 Security Drone
Foldable and portable
Multiple Intelligent payloads
Simplified design and easy operation
Safe and reliable with self-check
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Performance Parameter
Max take-off weight 3.4KG
Max Load 1KG
Diagonal Size 622mm
Flight Speed 10M/S
Max flying altitude 3500m
Motion Pattern 15M/S
Duration of voyage 30 Minutes
Working environment temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Perception Range 0.5 - 15M
Max rotation angular velocity 100°/S
Fuselage size 745mm*555mm*225mm(Expansion Dimension) 273mm*224mm*107mm(Folding size)
FOV Level:73° vertical:60°
Satellite Positioning Module GPS/GLONASS Dual-mode


JEAIR-M900 Security Drone
Easy to operate with reliable performance
Multiple Intelligent payloads
Suitable for different applications
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Performance Parameter
Material High Strength Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber Machine
Diagonal wheelbase 900mm
Battery Power Supply 22000mAh Smart Battery
Flying Time 35 Minutes
Cruise Speed 15m/s
Wind resistance Grade 6
Max operating radius 5km
Flight environment Normal Flight in Moderate Rain
Max flight altitude 5000m
Satellite Positioning Module Beidou, GPS, GLONASS Three-mode
Flight control Fixed height, fixed point, Autonomous Cruise and so on, Propeller Breakage Protection, One-click take-off and landing, Low Voltage Protection, Automated Return, Virtual no-fly zone, Electronic fence


Easy to operate Stable performance
Can mount various intelligent loads
Suitable for multiple scenarios
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Performance Parameter
Diagonal wheelbase 1600mm
Battery Power Supply 54000mAh Smart Battery
Flying Time 60 Minutes
Cruise Speed 10 m/s
Max operating radius 10km
Wind resistance Grade 6
Flight environment Normal Flyling in Moderate Rain
Rain Resistance Grade Moderate rain
Max flight altitude 5000m
Wheelbase 1600mm
Arm structure Plug-and-pull type
Max altitude 5000M
Working environment temperature -20°C~60°C
humidity 95%
Hovering accuracy level:±0.2m vertical:±0.5m
Max take-off weight 23.5kg
Weight 6.5kg
Climbing speed 5m/s
Duration of voyage 68 Minutes